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Does Whipshots need to be refrigerated?

NO, NOPE, DON’T DO IT. We know you’re tempted to, but Whipshots does not, and should not, be refrigerated.

What do I do if my Whipshots is not spraying correctly?

From time to time, if left for prolonged periods of time or in cold weather, the Whipshots inside the can may solidify. But don’t worry about a thing - if that happens, we’ve got your back.

Turn the can upside down and shake vigorously side to side and up and down until you feel the Whipshots release and flow. (Imagine you’re shaking a bottle of champagne you’re about to pop open at the club that you want to shoot everywhere, except you’re doing it upside down.)

If you hear a liquid sound when you shake it, you’re good to go. Spray some Whipshots on your favorite cocktail, dessert or person. (...because who doesn’t love a body shot?!)

If that doesn’t work run warm water over the bottom of your can for 15 seconds, turn it upside down and try shaking it again.

If you still don’t hear liquid when you shake the can, try running it under warm water for another 15 seconds. Then give the bottom third of the can a gentle pat and then do your shake. This should get the Whipshots to loosen up so you can whip it.

If this is all confusing, see Rob’s video below. And if your Whipshots are still stuck after trying these tips, shoot us an email at We’re here to help you get the party started!

Does Whipshots contain dairy?

Whipshots is non-dairy (that’s why it doesn’t need to be refrigerated). However, like other non-dairy items, it does contain sodium caseinate (a milk derivative).

Is Whipshots Gluten Free?

No ingredients used to make Whipshots contain gluten, however, we are not yet certified as gluten-free. Wish we could just say “yes”, but legal won’t let us do that.

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If you’re still stuck after trying these tips, shoot us an email at We’re here to help you get this party started!